Kojiki’s Moody River


Moodi 3 years

Meet Moodi, my home bred girl born to Star – Kojiki’s Urban Star & Pumba – Kojiki’s Hakuna Matata on the 12/03/2013. This was a very special litter, being the first from parents that where both bred under the Kojiki affix –  Moodi is now 6 years old and has exceeded all I hoped for, she is everything I ever wanted in a Chinese Crested, not only is she stunning but also a happy, outgoing and loving pet. Moodi is a very cheeky madam that likes to cause mischief! I have shown Moodi lightly since she was 6 months old, she was continuously placed well and won two RCCs. However Moodi will not be shown anymore while we concentrate on our younger girl.

Moodi’s Health Test Results:

DNA tested CLEAR of – PRA-prcd, PRA-rcd3,VWDII, DM, CSMD.
Glaucoma & BVA tested CLEAR August  2015 & 2018.


Moodi’s Show Results & Critiques:

*Moodi gained her Stud Book Number, first time into Junior, at only her third show*

Paignton 2016 – 3rd Limit Bitch, Judge: Mark Cocozza.

Leeds 2016 -2nd Limit Bitch, Judge: David Guy:

A shade larger than winner and not quite the balance. Attractive head, decent neck and shoulders, well ribbed body. On the move not as accurate coming towards as the winner, good outline in profile.

East of England 2016 – 2nd Limit Bitch, Judge: Jill Peak:

3 year old bitch, good head proportions, good eye, clean neck, shoulders well laid, good legs & feet, nice body & balance, went soundly.

Windsor 2016 – 1st Limit Bitch & RCC, Judge: Ray Morland:

h/l, pleased to have awarded her the RCC, like her size & shape, long neck into well placed shoulders, firm topline & well bent stifles & well let down hocks.

Southern Counties 2016 – 3rd Limit Bitch, Judge: Kari Jarvinen:

SKC 2016 – 3rd Limit Bitch, Judge: Terry Burgess

The Nationals 2016 – 1st Limit Bitch, Judge: Zola Rawson:

Another glamorous bitch with a pleasing head and good ears, long neck, a great showgirl lovely body conformation, and good reach and drive.

WELKS 2016 – 2nd Limit Bitch, Judge: Liz Stannard:

very similar in type with good firm body, straight front, enough tuck-up, well rounded rear. Balanced head with good ears.

Chinese Crested Dog Club 2016 – 1st Limit Bitch & RBB, Judge: Elsie Moyes:

Have liked this mahogany bitch since she first came into the ring, and she doesnt disappoint, good for size and shape well placed shoulders leading into a level topline, rear angles are very good, deep set chest, lovely head that shows off her nice eye expression and good mouth, moved well and pleased to award her res best bitch.

Dunstable & District CS 2016 – 2nd Chinese Crested Open, Judge: Wendy Cross

UK Toy Dog 2016 – 2nd Limit Bitch, Judge: Lisa McKenzie:

Mahogany hairless with cream furnishings. Very sound bitch with lovely shape and good confirmation, nice straight front. Showed well and was shown in good condition.

Herts & Essex CS 2016 – 2nd Chinese Crested Open, Judge: DR Ron James

Cheltenham & District CS 2016 – 1st Chinese Crested Open & RBOB, Judge: Julie Baldwin:

Awaiting Critique.

East Kent CS 2016 – 2nd Chinese Crested Open, Judge: Dale Hick

City of Cambridge CS 2016 – 2nd Chinese Crested Open, Judge: Gavin Robertson

Luton CA 2015 – 3rd Chinese Crested Open, Judge: Naomi Cowley & 2nd AV Toy, Judge: Jenny Miller

Birmingham Toy Dog 2015 – 2nd Chinese Crested Open, Judge: Elaine Waddington

LKA 2015 – 4th Limit Bitch, Judge: Robert Dunlop

Spire Toy Dog 2015 – 3rd Chinese Crested open, Judge: Mrs. Shirley Ellis-Jone

Bolsover and District Open Show 2015 – 2nd open AVNSC, Judge: Sue Dykes

Chinese Crested Club of GB 2015 – 3rd Limit Bitch, Judge: Karen Mclellan

LKA  2014 – 2nd Limit Bitch, Judge: Bert Eason:

Not the head and expression of first but still full of quality, ideal body shape, supple skin, level top line, high tail set, moved well.

Midland Counties 2014  – 3rd Limit Bitch, Judge: Stuart Mallard

Richmond 2014 -1st Junior Bitch, Judge: Luis Pinto:

Awaiting Critique.

East Of England 2014 – 1st Junior Bitch, Judge: Sonia Saxby;

 A cobby bitch, well put together, nice depth and width of chest, nice topline, well padded, rounded rump which gave strong drive from the rear, good dentition and dark eye, very good skin and attractive furnishing.

Windsor 2014 – 4th Junior Bitch, Judge: Bruce Jackson

Birmingham National 2014 1st JB & RCC, Judge: Rainer Vuorinen:

A very beautiful Junior, lovely head, correct ears and eyes, excellent sound skin,correct body and angulation, very sound in movement. 

Manchester 2014 – 4th Puppy Bitch, Judge: Di Rich

Midland Counties 2013 – (Moodi’s First Show) 5th Puppy Bitch, in a strong class of 14, Judge: Ferelith Somerfield

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