About Kojiki

Welcome to my site, I am Kerry and i live in Buckinghamshire with my partner Tom, our twins and our small pack of Chinese Cresteds . I have been blessed to have been around this unique little breed since 2006 and know now there is no other breed for me, Chinese Cresteds hold a very special place in my heart and I hope never to be without them.

I feel very passionate about this delightful breed and have always enjoyed showing my dogs and being at shows learning and sharing my time with like minded breed enthusiasts, I have been lucky enough to have successfully shown some of my dogs over the years, however my dogs are pets first and foremost anything else in-between is a bonus.

Our dogs all live in the home with us as family members and live a very fulfilling and active life. We are currently a female only home, which means our dogs never need to be separated and can all live free together all year round.

I do occasionally breed, when I am looking for a puppy for myself. When deciding on taking a litter from any of my dogs alot of care and consideration goes into finding an appropriate stud.

Health and temperament is very important, and as such i take advantage of available health testing to help me make informed decisions when deciding to breed. This means i can always be open and honest about my dogs results and with new puppy owners. I believe temperament is key when welcoming your new puppy, that you will hopefully share many happy years with, so we put alot of effort into our puppies in the early days to help them grow as confident, independent and well adjusted dogs. Never breeding from dogs with undesired temperaments.

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