I loved you your whole life and i will miss you for the rest of mine. Sweet dreams my babies!

Kranar Silverstone for Kojiki

Silva came to us after a long search for a puppy to show, we really was not looking for a male but fell for him instantly. Silva made the long journey over from Russia in April 2016 and he was all we hoped for. We will never be able to thank his breeder enough for entrusting us with him. Tragically we lost Silva under a GA during surgery in 2019. A total shock to our family and a loss of such a young boy , we will never get over how he was cruelly taken. The 3 years we did have with our beautiful boy will always be cherished he was the biggest goon around and his nick name became goon boy. Keep goofing around goon boy, the girls have come to join you.

Kojiki’s Urban Star

PRA-prcd, PRArcd3 clear, PLL carrier, BVA & Gonioscoy clear 2010/2013/2017

Star was always the most laid back dog I have ever lived with, very independent and calm. She really did live for being on our laps and snuggling on the sofa. When she did have an occasional cresty style zoomies it made our day. She really loved her days out showing but was really only shown lightly, still managing first place in most of her classes, never unplaced including crufts. In 2013 she blessed with a beautiful litter, which included Moodi who was our keeper. They had an undeniable strong bond and were never without each other right up until the end. Star became Toms shadow and always wanted his lap in her later years.   Sweet Dreams Star Bar, look out for Moo like you always did.

Kojiki’s Moody River



PRA-prcd, PRA-rcd3, DM, CMSD, VWDII clear PLL carrier BVA & Gonioscopy 2015/2018

Moodi was a dream to live with, an all round family dog. She loved the twins and had an extra special bond with Esme. She was a loopy loon, with no off switch. Her crazy antics entertained us for many hours.  We had fun in the show ring and my bug only grew stronger showing her but unfortunately Moodi did’nt always enjoy her day out, so she was only shown lightly, in that time she gained her studbook number and x2 RCCS as well as BB at club shows. She has left a massive hole in my heart, but I will always be greatful for the love and loyal years she gave my family! Run wild & Free Moo Moo, find your mum and be with each other like always.



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