CH Harriet Take Me Away to Kojiki JW


3CC & 5RCC

Mardi almost 4 years

DNA tested clear of –  PRA prcd, PRA rcd3, DM & CMSD

PLL carrier

Patellas 0/0

BVA & Glaucoma tested CLEAR March 2018 & 2019

Myself and Mardi have had lots of fun in and out of the ring since she joined us in May 2016. Mardi has been constantly placed well at champ shows, gaining her SBN & her JW. Mardi gained her CH title in August 2019. We would like to thank all those judges who have thought highly of Mardi, and those that helped us achieve our dream making up our first champion, we are so proud.

Some of Mardi’s Wins & Critiques:

Driffield 2019 – 1st OB, Judge: Elsie Moyes

Lovely HL bitch of good quality, nice for size, pleasing head with correct ear set, good length of muzzle with good mouth. Lovely shape body with correct angled front and rear, moved well putting in a good performance. 

Richmond 2019 – 2nd OB, Judge: Tony Allcock

Another beauitufl bitch which i have often admired. Screams breed type. Clean front, ok for neck lenght. Super body and chest. Fabulous skin all beautifully presented. Not sure she gave 100% on the move today but it was absolutely apparent that two top class bitches headed this class.

City of Birmingham 2019 – 1st OB & 3rd CC, Judge: Bill Browne-Cole:

Caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. What a showgirl, has all the qualities to gain her title, which i was pleased to hear she did on the day.

EOE 2019 – 1st OB & CC, Judge: Robert Dunlop

3 yrs old mahogany hairless, liked her overall size, shape and balance, for me her head could be more refined, loved her big ears, dark eyes, a touch round, good muzzle length with good mouth, well arched neck, good depth chest, nice bone, well bodied. i have noticed sometimes she has a tendency to dip at the shoulders, today she held her topline very well, good tail set, could have a touch more reach and drive but loved very soundly and stylish, very well presented, i awarded  her the res CC last times, today happy to award her the CC.

Windsor 2019 – 2nd OB & RCC, Judge: Lelia Tarabad

A favourite of mine who was unlucky to meet 1.  beautifully conditioned mahogany h/l now almost 31/2 years old with a fabulous temperament and the ultimate showgirl. Beautifully chiselled head of correct shape with lovely expression and good ears, eyes could just be a touch darker. lovely to go over with nicely arched neck, good chest and ribbing, tight elbows, slender legs into good feet, well laid shoulders, firm level back and strong, correctly angulated rear. Moves out with enthusiasm and style displaying super reach and drive maintaining her elegant outline at all times with tail carried perfectly behind her. Moved close going away which gave 1 the edge here but her super qualities made her an easy choice for the RCC. With the usual luck she should certainly gain her title.

Three Counties 2019 – 2nd LB, Judge: Tom Mater:

Glamorous with good skin and flowing crest. Lovely head and expression, some breadth and depth of chest. Moved soundly with a good topline but not the animation of winner.

Southern Counties 2019 – 1st LB & RCC, Judge: Kevan Berry:

A bitch unlucky to have not been made up. Ideal size, lovely head, long arched neck, wonderful carriage on the move, good legs and feet, pressed the CC winner hard. RCC. Lovely bitch.

The Nationals 2019 – 1st LB, Judge: Raewyn Dowsett:

A small fine boned mahogany hairless with thick cream furnishings. Refined in her head she has a good eye, ear placement and mouth. Beautifully presented and well conditioned skin. Her slender legs lead into good hair feet which just turn slightly. She uses her well set tail on the move. Brisket down to elbow with moderate tuck up. She makes her handler work but won this class on performance.

WELKS 2019 – 1st OB, Judge: Frank Kane:

Awaiting Critique

Windsor 2018 – 1st LB & CC, Judge: Andrew Stewart:

My bitch CC winner today this bitch had the most beautiful shape and silhouette, She has the prettiest of heads and expressions, so feminine. Excellent skull shape, elongated and chiselled muzzle with clean cheeks. Darkest of almond shaped eyes, good dentition. I loved her large ears that were low set and full of fringes. Super crest down her elegant neck, firm sound shoulders and good straight front with correct hare feet. Her body shape was excellent, slightly longer than square. Her tail set was high, and she moved very soundly in both directions, strong rear driving action and reaching out well in front. She was presented in hard muscular condition, gorgeous skin, so soft and smooth. Loved her out going temperament, a happy show girl that deserved the CC. Her first ticket, good luck with her in the future.

BATH 2018 – 2nd LB, Judge: DR A G Schemel

Built on attractive smaller scale, refined head with typical expression, correct length of muzzle, ok in topline, fine skin, attractive furnishings, moved well, not quite the ring presence of 1 but quality bitch. 

Southern Counties 2018 – 1st LB, Judge: Mark Cocozza:

Nice size with substance. Would prefer a little more length of leg. Good head eye and ears. Good top line and depth of chest. Well ribbed and good tail. Moved well in profile with good scope but front could be a little tidier

CRUFTS 2018 – 1st MLB, Judge: M Burns:

Mahogany cream. Quality sound bitch. Good outline and angulation. Moves very well. Good furnishings and skin.

Darlington 2017 – 1st LB & RCC,  Judge: DR A Paloheimo:

Awaiting Critique

WKC 2017 – 1st LB, Judge: Stuart Mallard:

Pleasing silhouette and the best constructed in this class, she is feminine with appealing head, correct dentition, dark eye and lovely low set ears, balanced in body and limb, moved steady

CCCGB open 2017 – 1st LB, Judge: Jude Rayes:

This 18 month old feminine bitch has a lovely head that is smooth and with cheeks that is lean and flat tapering well into her muzzle. She has nice large ears and it’s well set, moderate length of neck with food laid back shoulders. Good dentition and lips right. Chest are broad and deep with moderate tuck yon she strides out in the ring well and really attentive to her handler, she was closely considered for reserve best bitch but I felt that her length of legs are a bit on shorter side

Leeds 2017 – 1st LB & RCC, Judge: Kevan Berry:

Difficult to choose between the first and second, two nice bitches, both of lovely size. The winner had wonderful neck and shoulders, no sign of throatiness. Very sound and elegant on the move. Beautiful typical head, kind dark eyes of correct size and shape she has spirit level topline and was sound moving back and front. A very confident show girl RCC

EOE 2017 – 2nd JB Judge: Raye Parry:

Another smart bitch, very pretty and nice size, good firm topline, lovely skin, wel balanced, moved well. 

Windsor 2017 – 1st YB & PGB, Judge: Ken Sinclair:

Love this outstanding bitch the moment I saw her, good balance to head piece, strong neck, good shoulder and front, a cobbier type but so feminine, skin is supple shining condition, moved out well. A definite contender and should easily gain her title.

Border Union 2017 – 1st LB, Judge: Irene Mcmanus:

Lovely girl, very sound on the move, good size, well proportioned throughout, pleasing in head and expression, good eye colour, well set ears which she used to her advantage.

Three Counties 2017 – 1st PG, Judge: Geoffrey Davies

A most lovely bitch, Very sound & honest, shes so satisfying to assess. Ideal size, perfectly built with clean classical lines. A perfect show girl possessing excellent ears that she used to good advantage. I liked her immensely.

Southern Counties 2017 – 1st PG, Judge: Howard Ogden:

17 mths, feminine, cleanly balanced head, tapered muzzle, excellent ears, dark almond eye, good neck, good ribs, level, sound and stylish on the move, front sound, readily win her way beyond this level.

WELKS 2017 – 1st JB & RCC, Judge: Robert Dunlop:

15 months mahogany hairless like her overall size, shape & balance, for me her head could be more refined, loved her big ears, good neck fitting in to good front with depth of chest, held her topline at all times, well tailset, could have a touch more reach & drive but moved very soundly & stylish very well presented, happy to award her her first RCC

The Chinese Crested Club of GB 2017 – 1st GB & YB, Judge: Linda Biss:

h/l mahogany & cream, very feminine head of great proportions, dark eye, good mouth, well placed ears, length of neck onto well laid shoulder, good skin grain, moved well, keeping level topline throughout, the best mover of this class, an exciting future ahead for this young lady

Chinese Crested Dog Club 2017 – 1st JB & GB, BB & BOS, Judge: Lelia Tarabad:

this little h/l appealed to me instantly. Only 15 months but maturing nicely & showing her heart out, standing to an advantage every time I looked at her. Loved her small size with correct length of leg & back to give a typical, well balanced outline. Pretty, feminine head, smooth & of good proportions with dark eyes, strong jaw, tight lips & nicely tapered muzzle. She has good furnishings, supple body, lovely smooth skin & has great muscle tone. Moved really well with good reach & drive, proud head carriage & correctly carried tail. From a lovely line-up of bitches she kept catching my eye & deservedly took the top spot. She seemed to tire a little when she came back for the final challenge so had to give way to the boys

UK TOY 2017 – 1st PG, Judge: Caroline Holmes:

A H/L bitch with heavy furnishings. in good condition with beautifully smooth skin. Good angulation at front and rear, sound and moved well.

CRUFTS 2017 – 3rd Junior, Judge: Julie Guvercin

City of Cambridge & CS 2017 – 1st PG & RBOB, Judge: Andrew Leonard:

Ideal size and shape and impressed both stood and on the move. Great attitude and such a happy show dog

LKA 2016 – 2nd PB, Judge Stuart Payne:

Excellent head qualities with dark expressive eye and large flaring ears. Ample bone, balanced body with level topline. In super condition with soft skin. Moves out well, close.

Camberley  & DCS 2016 – 1st Junior & BPIB, Judge: Donna Crow:

Nice size 10 month old hairless bitch, with super length to body giving her nice balance throughout. Lovely chiselled head, with dark, correct shape eyes and large flared correctly set well fringed ears giving her a super expression full of charm and femininity. Good angulation front and rear, nice hare feet and moderate tuck up, just would prefer a tad more length to neck. Moved with plenty of drive, but would like to see her stride out with more purpose in front to complete the overall picture.

Midland Counties 2016 – 1st Puppy Bitch, Judge: Peter Jolley:

h/l, excellent head with very good ears & fringes, super top line & tail set, moves well.

Chinese Crested Club GB 2016 – 1st PB & BPIS, Judge: Trevor Loader

11 month h/l, very nice size, good head expression with correct ear placement with full feathering, good mouth, dark almond eye, good shoulder into fine leg, correct feet, good length, nice angulation, moved cleanly with reach and drive holding level topline, good luck for the future.

Richmond 2016 – 1st  Minor Puppy Bitch, Judge: Dianna Spavin:

Undercarriage spoils outline, lovely feminine head, good bone, substance, very mature for age, excellent quarters, good skin, well furnished for age, sound mover.

Bedford & DCS 2016 – 1st Puppy, BPIB & Puppy Group 3, Breed Judge: Carol Lees:

Showy cream & blue young lady, lovely classic head, nice eyes and well placed ears. Good neck and well covered firm body, smooth skin, moved well in a confident and happy manner with well carried tail.

Paignton 2016  – 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch, Judge: Mark Cocozza:

More developed in body and has similar outline to first and balance, lovely head and eye, just needs to use her tail better, very nice puppy.

Leeds 2016 – 1st Minor Puppy Bitch, Judge: David Guy:

This bitch puppy was a nice size and shape. Just 6mths but well developed for her age. Quality head and eye, true front, good body properties, good legs and feet. Just a touch unsettled at times but I am sure she will settle to the job in hand. Her overall balanced make and shape won her this class

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