Savvy & Sarky


Kojiki’s Lil Miss Savvy


Kojiki’s Lil Miss Sarky

Meet Savvy & Sarky, born here in February 2020 to our Mardi ( CH Harriet Take Me Away to Kojiki JW) & Hunter (CH Estillinis The Huntsman At Casacavallo) who we will forever be thankful to our good friend Donna, for allowing us the opportunity and continued support. I had very high hopes for this litter and was super pleased with what the pair produced, puppies of a nice type, and size with cracking temperaments. I ended up keeping two of the three girls, and Donna had Smooch the only boy in the litter.



Unfortunately even the best laid out plans don’t always work out and  Savvy who would have been my next dog in the show ring became critically ill at 4 months old following her puppy vaccinations. After lots of tests and vet visits, it was found that Savvy had developed an infection in her spinal cord and neck, with secondary pneumonia. Due to how unwell she was with fighting the infection, her platelets had dropped dangerously low and as a result she ended with a bleed in her spinal cord which resulted in rear end paralysis. Although Savvy will not be able to be shown she lives an amazing life at home with us, her sister and her mum. Shes learnt to walk again and has a true fighting spirit, we call her our little lion. Sarky was never staying to be shown, we just loved her clownish ways, and then we got tied up rehabilitating her sister during the covid-19 lock down, so not attending show.  We would not be without either of them and one thing that is for sure is that these two will always be the best of friends and we adore their crazy, care free characters.

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